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Introducing our exceptional grass-fed round steak, vacuum-packed to preserve its freshness and flavor. This lean and tender cut weighs between 0.74-1.33 lbs, making it perfect for health-conscious, busy parents seeking a delectable and guilt-free meal.


Crafted specifically for those concerned about animal welfare, our round steaks are sourced from calves that were raised in the dairy industry but were given the opportunity to roam freely on lush pastures for two full years. They were never subjected to hormones or antibiotics, ensuring a natural and pure meat product.


The round steak, known for its leanness, requires gentle cooking to bring out its full potential. By employing slow, moist heat techniques like braising, you'll savor the meat's exquisite tenderness and succulence. This particular cut is a superb choice if you love pairing your steak with a flavorful sauce or a mouthwatering brown gravy, as it readily absorbs and enhances accompanying flavors.


Not only does our grass-fed round steak deliver a superior taste experience, but it also aligns with your commitment to animal welfare. With each purchase, you actively contribute to improving the lives of farm animals, supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices.


If you're feeling adventurous, this versatile cut lends itself perfectly to being sliced thin and transformed into homemade jerky. You can enjoy the convenience of having a wholesome, protein-rich snack at your fingertips, knowing that it comes from a responsible and compassionate source.


Indulge in the remarkable taste of our grass-fed round steak, knowing that you're nourishing yourself and your family with high-quality, consciously sourced meat. With its exquisite flavor profile and positive impact on animal welfare, it's a win-win choice for every health-conscious and busy parent.

Round Steak

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