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Introducing our delectable Pastured Turkey Sausage, a culinary delight crafted specifically for the health-conscious, busy parent with a strong commitment to animal welfare. Each vacuum-packed package contains a generous 1.15 lbs of savory goodness, featuring four succulent sausages that are bound to elevate your BBQ experience.


Carefully designed with your convenience in mind, our versatile turkey sausages can be prepared using various cooking methods, such as pan-frying, baking, boiling, or grilling. Embrace the flexibility and savor the mouthwatering results!


But what sets our turkey sausages apart goes beyond taste alone. Our commitment to animal welfare and sustainable farming practices shines through every bite. Our pastured turkeys thrive in a unique rotational grazing system, accompanying our esteemed beef herd. Unlike confined free-range turkeys, our birds enjoy a mobile shelter that moves with them as they explore fresh pastures each day. This continuous movement ensures they feast on nourishing grass, imparting a positive impact on the environment and their own well-being.


As a discerning consumer, you can take pride in knowing that with every indulgence in our turkey sausages, you are directly contributing to the welfare of farm animals. We believe that every piece of meat has the power to improve lives, and our commitment to providing ethically sourced and delicious options remains unwavering.


Prepare to delight your taste buds with our impeccably crafted Pastured Turkey Sausage. Bursting with flavor, these sausages offer a harmonious blend of succulent textures and savory notes that will leave you craving more. Experience the rich, slightly sweet undertones and tender juiciness that set our turkey sausages apart from the rest.


Embrace the busy life of a health-conscious parent without compromising on quality or ethics. Elevate your culinary endeavors with our Pastured Turkey Sausage, and savor the goodness that comes from responsibly sourced, thoughtfully prepared meat.

Turkey Sausage

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