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Indulge in a truly delectable culinary experience with our 21-25 lbs pastured whole turkey, thoughtfully vacuum packed for your convenience. Designed with the busy, health-conscious parent in mind, this exceptional turkey is the epitome of flavor and conscience.


Whether you're planning a memorable holiday feast or a cozy weekend family dinner, our turkeys are the perfect centerpiece that caters to everyone's preferences. Delight in the harmonious combination of succulent light and dark meat, tender wings, flavorful legs, and even a selection of savory organs. To ensure optimal cooking temperatures, we recommend preparing the organs separately, allowing you to relish every aspect of this remarkable bird.


At our farm, we prioritize the well-being of our turkeys and are dedicated to both their health and the preservation of our environment. Raised in a unique rotational grazing system, our pastured turkeys mature while following our esteemed beef herd. Unlike traditional free-range turkeys, our turkeys roam daily, enjoying the lush grasses and contributing to a positive ecological impact. They have a mobile shelter that accompanies them, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout their journey.


By choosing our pastured turkeys, you not only savor their exceptional taste but also make a conscious decision to support animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. Every bite of our delectable meat represents an opportunity to enhance the lives of farm animals and contribute to the betterment of our planet.


Indulge in the pure joy of a wholesome, flavorful feast, knowing that each piece of this succulent turkey embodies the ideals of health consciousness and animal welfare. Additionally, after relishing every morsel, you can utilize the leftover bones to create a nourishing and scrumptious homemade bone broth soup. Make every meal a celebration, while also making a difference. Choose our pastured whole turkey for an extraordinary dining experience that truly satisfies your taste buds, your conscience, and your desire to make a positive impact.

Whole Turkey- L

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