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Indulge in the ultimate feast with our delectable 16-20 lbs pastured whole turkey, carefully vacuum packed to preserve its freshness. Designed with the busy, health-conscious parent in mind, this exceptional turkey offers an array of benefits that will tantalize your taste buds and warm your heart.


Imagine the joy of gathering your loved ones for a holiday feast or a relaxing weekend family dinner, knowing that every mouthwatering bite is a testament to your commitment to both your family's well-being and the welfare of animals. With a whole turkey at your table, you unlock a world of culinary delight, from succulent light and dark meat to savory wings and legs, all accompanied by a selection of organ meats. To ensure proper cooking temperatures, we recommend preparing the organs separately from the turkey itself.


But the perks don't end there. By choosing our pastured turkeys, you support a farming practice that values sustainability and animal welfare. Our turkeys thrive in a rotational grazing system, where they follow our esteemed beef herd. Our birds are constantly on the move, housed in a mobile shelter that accompanies them wherever they roam. This unique approach enables them to graze on lush grass, resulting in a richer flavor and a positive impact on the environment.


Each delectable piece of meat from our pastured turkeys contributes to a brighter future for farm animals. With every bite, you savor the knowledge that you're actively improving the lives of these animals, fostering a more compassionate and sustainable food system.


Don't let your culinary adventures end with the main course! As an added bonus, the leftover bones from our whole turkeys provide the perfect base for creating a nourishing and aromatic homemade bone broth soup. Waste not, want not, and relish in the flavorful benefits of every part of this magnificent bird.


Savor the taste of quality, the joy of a bountiful meal, and the satisfaction of making a difference. With our pastured whole turkey, you elevate your dining experience while embodying the values of a busy parent who cherishes both their family's health and the well-being of farm animals.

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