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Moral Milk Coming Soon

What is Moral Milk?

- Access to pasture

- Calves raised by their mothers

- Cows and calves form strong maternal bond

- Cows express natural maternal behaviours

- Calves learn social cues from mothers

Be the FIRST to know when Moral Milk becomes available and get early access.



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Congratulations. You have successfully joined the Moral Milk waitlist where you will get early access, stay up to date, learn more about our farm, and show your support. With enough support we will be able to have product available in 3 years.

I'm not the only one!

These products are already available around the world. There are two brands in the Netherlands, Kalverliefde and Kalf Bij Koe, that sell this milk. In the UK its called Calf At Foot milk. IAustria its Mutterkuh Haltung, Germany its Zeit Zum Zweit and Switzerland its Cowpassion

With enough support, we can start production in 3 years. Sign up to the waitlist to learn more, stay up to date, and get early access. 

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