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The psychologist, Freud, spoke about the concept of the devouring mother. Essentially, overprotection and excessive compassion cripples a child’s development. In the case of prey animals, it eliminates their very existence.

Life can’t exist without some element of suffering. Despite that, I want to continue living and I want my children to experience life as well. I hope we all can have a life that is worth living despite that suffering, including our farm animals.

Just because prey animals are eventually consumed does not mean they didn’t have a life worth living. Prey animals DO NOT exist only to be consumed. Prey animals have fulfilling lives of social interactions, satiating hunger, enjoying shelter, etc. and that is the purpose of their life.

Arguably, farm animals have an even better life than wild prey animals. All their needs of food, water, and shelter are consistently taken care of and they don’t constantly worry about predators. In fact, farm animals perform better when they are well taken care of, so it’s in the farmer’s best interest to give them an amazing life.

Sander van Stee

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