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Introducing our premium Grass-Fed Eye of Round Roast - the ultimate choice for health-conscious, busy parents who prioritize both their well-being and animal welfare. Indulge in a culinary experience like no other, with a tender and succulent cut of meat that will leave your taste buds delighted.


Sourced from carefully raised calves in the dairy industry, our beef comes from animals that have enjoyed a wholesome life on pasture for a remarkable two years. We are proud to assure you that no hormones or antibiotics were used in their upbringing. By choosing our product, you are actively contributing to the betterment of farm animals' lives, making a positive impact with every bite.


Crafted from the heart of the centre round, our Eye of Round roasts are renowned for their exceptional tenderness and juiciness. Whether you prefer to braise, slow cook, simmer, poach, or sear on high heat, our versatile roasts offer endless possibilities for your culinary creations. Imagine the aroma filling your kitchen as the roast reaches its mouthwatering perfection.


For a delectably rare roast, we recommend cooking it for 13-15 minutes per pound. If you prefer a medium doneness, simply extend the cooking time to 17-19 minutes per pound. And for those who crave a well-done masterpiece, savor each bite after cooking for 22-25 minutes per pound. 

Eye of Round Roast

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