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Introducing our premium Grass-Fed Nose to Tail Ground Beef - a culinary delight crafted for the health-conscious, time-strapped parent with a deep commitment to animal welfare. Packed with essential nutrients and carefully sourced from sustainable farming practices, this exceptional ground beef blend is a game-changer for your family's meals.


Each package contains 1 lb of the finest quality grass-fed beef, meticulously vacuum-packed to preserve its freshness and flavor. We take pride in our unique composition, combining 80% lean ground beef with 20% organ meat, offering you the incredible benefits of organ consumption without the hassle of preparing them yourself.


Unleash your culinary creativity with our nose to tail ground beef! Craft nutrient-dense homemade meatballs, infused with the rich flavors of premium ground beef and the added goodness of organ meat. Picture delectable meatloaf, bursting with savory goodness, offering a symphony of tastes that will leave your taste buds tantalized and your family asking for seconds.


What sets our beef apart is its origin. We source our beef from calves raised in the dairy industry, specifically reared on lush pastures for a full two years. These animals enjoy a natural lifestyle, free from the influence of hormones and antibiotics, resulting in superior taste and texture. By choosing our nose to tail ground beef, you actively contribute to the betterment of farm animals' lives, making a positive impact with every delectable bite.


Indulge in the richness of our grass-fed nose to tail ground beef - a flavorful experience that nourishes your family, supports animal welfare, and elevates your culinary creations to new heights. Savor the satisfaction of a delicious, healthy meal, knowing you've made the best choice for your loved ones and the world around you.

Ground Beef - Nose to Tail

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