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Introducing our premium Grass-Fed Rump Roast: a delectable choice for busy, health-conscious parents who prioritize animal welfare. Carefully selected and vacuum-packed, this 3.0-4.0lbs cut promises a flavorful culinary experience like no other.


Derived from the top back before the tail, our Rump Roast is renowned for its tenderness and versatility. Whether you're aiming to create a succulent pot roast, slow-cooked masterpiece, braised delicacy, or even a smoked sensation, this roast is your perfect companion in the kitchen.


Cooking your roast to perfection is a breeze. For a rare and juicy delight, allow 13-15 minutes per pound. Achieve a delectable medium doneness with 17-19 minutes per pound, or savor a well-done masterpiece in 22-25 minutes per pound. To preserve the roast's succulence, cook it uncovered, followed by wrapping it in tin foil immediately after cooking. Allow it to rest for 15 minutes, permitting the flavors to meld and the precious juices to redistribute, ensuring a moist and delightful serving every time. Furthermore, our roasts are an ideal choice for slow cooking, guaranteeing an irresistible pulled meat experience.


But our commitment doesn't stop at taste and tenderness. We understand your concerns about animal welfare and the quality of the meat you serve your family. That's why our beef hails from a calf raised on pasture within the dairy industry, a carefully nurtured journey spanning two years. These calves are never subjected to hormones or antibiotics, ensuring a natural, healthy product. With every bite, you can take pride in knowing that you're actively supporting improved lives for farm animals, making a positive impact with each purchase.


Experience the epitome of flavor, tenderness, and ethical sourcing with our Grass-Fed Rump Roast. Elevate your culinary creations while supporting sustainable and responsible farming practices. Embrace the joy of delicious, conscientious dining for you and your loved ones.

Rump Roast

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