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Introducing our exceptional 3lbs Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Steak, thoughtfully vacuum-packed for ultimate freshness and convenience. Specially curated for busy, health-conscious parents who prioritize both their family's well-being and animal welfare, this premium cut is sure to exceed your expectations.


Tri-Tip Steak, deriving its name from its distinctive triangular shape, is expertly sourced from the bottom of the sirloin, making it an ideal choice for grilling, broiling, or pan searing. Beyond its unique shape, this steak boasts an exquisite beefy flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.


What sets our Tri-Tip Steak apart is its origins. We take pride in bringing you beef from calves raised in the dairy industry, each thoughtfully reared on open pastures for a remarkable two years. These animals are nurtured without the use of hormones and antibiotics, ensuring a pure and wholesome product for your family's consumption. By choosing our beef, you actively contribute to improving the lives of farm animals, making a meaningful difference in the agricultural industry.


Indulge in the succulent tenderness of our Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Steak, knowing that every juicy bite aligns with your health-conscious values and commitment to animal welfare. Whether you choose to grill it to perfection, broil it for a delectable crust, or pan sear it to seal in the incredible flavors, this steak promises to deliver a remarkable dining experience.


Take your culinary adventures to new heights and savor the natural richness that comes from ethically sourced, grass-fed beef. Elevate your meals, nourish your family, and make a positive impact, one exceptional steak at a time.


Tri-Tip Steak

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