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Introducing our mouthwatering Pastured Turkey Burgers! Perfectly crafted for the busy, health-conscious parent who prioritizes animal welfare, these burgers offer a delectable taste and an array of benefits.


Each vacuum-sealed pack contains 1.25 lbs of pure goodness, featuring four juicy turkey burgers that are a blend of tender light and succulent dark meat. Infused with a delightful medley of spices, these burgers are both simple and irresistibly delicious. What sets them apart is the addition of dark meat, which ensures an unparalleled level of moisture, flavor, and sheer temptation. Whether sizzling on the barbecue or sizzling in a frying pan, these burgers never fail to impress.


But that's not all! Our pastured turkeys are raised in a unique rotational grazing system, allowing them to live to maturity while closely following our beef herd. Unlike traditional free-range turkeys, our turkeys enjoy the freedom of movement every day, accompanied by a mobile shelter that moves alongside them. This natural lifestyle allows them to feast on abundant grass, resulting in a positive environmental impact.


By choosing our Pastured Turkey Burgers, you are not only treating yourself to an extraordinary culinary experience but also supporting the well-being of farm animals. Every mouthful contributes to the betterment of their lives and our collective efforts to improve animal welfare.


Indulge in these delectable turkey burgers and relish the combination of their flavorsome blend of light and dark meat. With each bite, you'll discover a tantalizing symphony of taste that satisfies both your discerning palate and your conscientious values. Elevate your dining experience today while making a positive difference in the world—one delicious burger at a time.

Turkey Burger

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