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Introducing our exquisite Pastured Turkey Necks, thoughtfully vacuum packed in convenient packs of four necks each. Designed with the health-conscious and time-strapped parent in mind, this product offers a myriad of benefits while ensuring animal welfare remains a top priority.


Prepare to be captivated by the flavorsome experience that awaits you. Turkey necks, often overlooked but rich in taste, promise a remarkable dining experience when cooked to perfection. With the utmost tenderness, the succulent meat effortlessly detaches from the bone, leaving you with a delightful texture that will tantalize your taste buds.


The versatility of our pastured turkey necks is truly remarkable. Whether you choose to braise, roast, or boil them, these culinary gems seamlessly adapt to any cooking method. Moreover, they serve as an ideal foundation for creating homemade stocks or hearty stews, further elevating your culinary repertoire.


Our commitment to animal welfare is second to none. Our pastured turkeys thrive in an innovative rotational grazing system, meticulously following our illustrius beef herd. Unlike confinement-raised counterparts, our turkeys are constantly on the move, housed in mobile shelters that traverse lush green pastures. This unique approach ensures that our turkeys have access to abundant grass, resulting in a delectable taste that embodies their wholesome upbringing.


By choosing our pastured turkey necks, you not only savor an extraordinary dining experience but also contribute to a positive environmental impact. Each piece of meat purchased supports the well-being of farm animals and promotes sustainable farming practices. Join us in our mission to improve the lives of these cherished creatures and enjoy a guilt-free, delectable feast.


Indulge in the sumptuousness of our Pastured Turkey Necks, crafted with love and care for the discerning and conscientious parent. Elevate your culinary adventures while nurturing your health and supporting animal welfare, one delicious bite at a time.

Turkey Necks

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