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Carefully curated for a culinary adventure honouring the lives of our beef cattle. Savour simple ground beef, melt-in-your-mouth steaks, and tender slow cooking cuts, all while knowing that every bite helps to improve the lives of bull calves from the dairy industry. Join us on this meaningful journey, where flavour and compassion unite to create a brighter future for farm animals.

Each box contains over 20 lbs of beef with a balance of ground (like burgers and sausages), steaks (like ribeyes and sirloins), and slow cuts (like roasts and ribs)

Thoughtfully selected to entice you into savouring the exquisite flavours of a diverse range of ethically sourced beef, turkey, pork, and seafood. Perfect for those who love variety at dinner time, and with each meal, increasing the demand for animal agriculture as a whole to improve. Indulge in a truly remarkable culinary experience where compassion, convenience, health, and taste seamlessly blend together.

Each box has over 20 lbs of all your favourite meats from pork sausages to salmon fillets and from turkey drums to ground beef.

This unique offering allows you to choose a selection of your favourite ethically sourced meats. Embrace the freedom to choose from a diverse range of beef, turkey, pork, and seafood from our storefront, all delivered directly to your doorstep. By handpicking your preferred cuts, you ensure that every meal not only satisfies your cravings but also increases the demand for improved animal agriculture practices.

This is your opportunity to craft a culinary adventure that celebrates your individual palate and values.


 Grass Fed Beef...

This is a huge opportunity to improve animal welfare! Thanks to the technology of sexed semen, all the beef raised for Moral Eats are Angus crosses from the dairy industry. Dairy animals are bred for milk production and don't normally put on meat easily. However, these calves are half Angus and half Holstein, which makes it possible to raise them to maturity on pasture.

Pastured Turkeys...

Pastured turkeys are part of a rotational grazing system designed to regenerate the pasture and improve the environment. They are raised on grass and are moved regularly along with their mobile shelter. Turkeys will eat up to 40 percent of their diet as grass, but turkeys prefer shorter grass. So, idealy they follow a herd of cattle, much like birds did with the herds of buffalo across North America. In return, the pastures improve because of the high nitrogen levels in the turkey manure, providing more feed for the cattle.

 Pastured Pigs...

 Pigs are very intellegent animals and need a lot of stimulation to keep them occupied. Pigs naturally root and dig and can be quite destructive. Pigs originated from the woodlands of Europe, and when pastured pigs are raised in a woodlot, their destructive habits can keep the forest in a stage of rapid growrh and carbon sequestration. All the pork for Moral Eats are raised on pasture without the use of farrowing crates.

 Calf-At-Foot Dairy...

What was once impossible is beginning to change. Modern improvments in ventilation systems has recently made it possible to allow dairy cows and their calves to remain together until weaning. Known as calf-at-foot dairies, leaving calves with their mothers is a growing trend around the world. But it is only an improvement in animal welfare if the calves stay healthy and that is the reason why they are normally separated. We don't offer dairy products in our store yet, but with your support, it will be coming soon. 


Change starts with the individual, but it grows into a movement when they collect into a community. True power lies in the collective strength of communities united towards a common purpose. At Moral Eats, we firmly believe that transformation starts within each one of us, but its impact magnifies when we join forces. 

Communities provide a platform for ideas to flourish, for knowledge and awareness to spread, and for collaboration to thrive. They amplify the impact of individual actions, nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Together we can:
  • increase the demand for farm animals to have an amazing life,
  • proove humane farming practices is sutainable and profitable,
  • challenge outdated norms,
  • advocate for better treatment of animals, and
  • demand more sustainable practices from the industry.


Well actually, yes. Minimizing stress in animals intended for meat production is beneficial not only for animal welfare but also for optimizing meat quality. There are two conditions called DFD meat and PSE meat that occures when animals are stressed.
  • DFD meat: Dark, firm, and dry meat tougher and less tender. It occurs when an animal experiences extreme stress prior to slaughter. This stress depletes the animal's glycogen stores leading to a higher pH level in the muscle post-slaughter. It may have a reduced shelf life but can still be safe to consume.

  • PSE meat: Pail, soft, and exudative meat is characterized by a pale color, soft texture, and high water content. It occurs due to rapid pH decline in the muscles after slaughter from stress. PSE meat is less juicy and has a blander taste compared to normal meat.

  • Grass fed meats have significantly higher levels of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory markers, polyphenols, and omega 3 fats. Happy animals are also less stressed, but fear and chronic stress increases oxidative stress and inflammation. 

Frances Determann:

The meat we had was amazing. It reminds me of when I was young and my parents bought a whole cow from our neighbour farmer. What a difference, Thank you so much.

Tabithia DeHaan:

Paul and I have been ordering our meat from Moral Eats since the late spring of 2021 and I can't say enough good things about the products being produced and the owners. Sander has such a passion for his work with animals and it shows in his customer service, educational videos, and the quality of the meat he is selling. I highly recommend checking out the Moral Eats website and consider supporting this growing business.

Derek Williamson:

I was vegan when I was younger, and then I realized the world isn't black and white. You can change more by participating in a market than by leaving it.
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